Blizzard Announces Diablo Immortal, A Mobile Game And Fans Are Not Happy

The acclaimed PC game, Diablo, next installment will be a mobile game

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Nov 2018

At BlizzCon, many PC gamers were looking forward to a lot of great announcements for Blizzard's upcoming projects. What was revealed was a new installment in the beloved Diablo franchise but as a mobile title called Diablo Immortal.

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Many fans were livid with the reveal, so much that the cinematic reveal was downvoted to nearly 95%, with a current downvote of 347K to 12K likes across 2 million views. What added fuel to the fire was Blizzard actively deleting comments on the "Diablo Immortal Cinematic Trailer" and reuploading the trailer after its initial release.

To develop Diablo Immortal NetEase a mobile developer has been contracted with Blizzard to help develop the game. Wyatt Cheng, the principal designer of Diablo, spoke to IGN stating:

“I don’t think mobile should be a dirty word,” Cheng said, explaining that the developers at Blizzard play and enjoy games on all platforms. “When it came to looking at making a new Diablo game, and this opportunity to partner with NetEase to make this – the technology is there, where our mobile phones are more powerful than ever, and they’re capable of top tier gaming experiences.”

Cheng responded to claims that Diablo: Immortal may be a reskin by saying the following: “We’ve been working with NetEase Games from the beginning as a partnership to create everything in Diablo: Immortal. We have artists on our side, they have artists on their side, and we work together as a team, as a partnership to create everything about Diablo: Immortal. The environments, the characters, the skills, the story.”

Many fans have expressed the issue with this, with many making the connecting to what EA did with Command and Conquer and Dungeon Keeper. Games with acclaimed reputations and a fanbase being brought to mobile devices as free-to-play games.

Diablo Immortal is in development for iOS and Android devices.

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