Apex Legends Cheaters Will Have Their Hardware Ban

Cheating Apex Legends will prevent your entire system from ever accessing the game

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Mar 2019

Bans in free-to-play games are nothing new, most times players simply create a new account and start the process all over again. Some cheaters go as far to risk premium purchased games and repurchase the game after getting a ban. However, EA and Respawn Entertainment are going the extra mile after seeing the rampant cheating days of PUBG  and putting permanent ban not only on the account but the entire hardware for anyone caught cheating in Apex Legends.

According to Daily eSports, several forums have discussed how they got banned and stating that EA and Respawn are placing a restriction on your entire PC.

Someone was able to grab a screenshot of one cheater that was banned and shared the image to Reddit:

Apex Legends,

While this may seem extreme cheaters have found ways to circumvent these issues before and it'll likely happen again. Cheaters are rampant, selling cheats for over $100.

In China, cheating is very common and with global servers, those cheaters ruin the entire experience for everyone. Sometimes developers will use someone as an example not to cheat like when Epic Games sued Brandon Lucas for selling and using cheats in Fortnite.

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