Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Launching on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile Devices this Winter

The GameCube classic multiplayer Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is coming to mobile devices

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Jun 2019

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is one of the lesser known Final Fantasy games. The title was released for the GameCube but required 3 Gameboys and connectors to play the game in multiplayer. This made the experience a bit difficult but those who were able to look past this problem and play the title for what is included found a challenging and reward game in the series.

Now, it's coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Mobile devices this winter.

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Square Enix made the announcement during their E3 2019 presentation. With the remastered edition including online multiplayer and updated graphics.

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General Information

Platform(s): PS4, Switch, Mobile
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Developer(s): Square Enix
Genres: Role-playing
Themes: Fantasy
Release Date: 2019

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