Pokemon Masters Gets an Animated Trailer and Looks Amazing

Red, Green, Brock, and many more shown in the latest trailer for Pokemon Masters

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Jun 2019

Pokémon Masters is the next big upcoming game based on the acclaim franchise developed by Dena and published by The Pokemon Company. Announced in May, details on the project have been limited but new information has been released along with an incredible cinematic trailer.

Pokemon Masters,NoobFeed,

Now, this isn't gameplay. This is a cinematic trailer and doesn't represent the actual gameplay but it's amazing. It reminds me of the Pokemon Origins series that launched to promote Pokémon Sun and Moon. With beautiful animations along with featuring notorious characters from the anime and game series such as Red, Green, Misty, and Brock.

The game itself will feature 3v3 battles that take place in real-time. Players will attack when a gauge fills up, allowing players to choose to either wait for more powerful attacks or attack rapidly.

Pokémon Masters launches this summer for iOS and Android.

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