Since Alan Wake's debut fans have been asking for a sequel. An Alan Wake 2 technically exist in the way of Alan Wake: American Nightmare. Footage of Alan Wake 2 did release by Remedy Entertainment that featured a new concept where the player would construct the narrative as it appeared in reality, but it was scrapped and turned into Alan Wake: American Nightmare.

Remedy Entertainment has expressed interest in continuing the series but has stated it's up to Microsoft since they own the IP. Now, Remedy when taking to Global News Wire confirmed they've purchased the publishing rights to Alan Wake.

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This doesn't mean a new game is in development but it could mean that Alan Wake could return as an HD remastered for multiple platforms. As many argue the reason the first game was not a commercial success due to its exclusive release on the Xbox 360, but I would argue it releasing around the same time of Red Dead Redemption was also an issue. Eventually, the game would release on PC and sell very well, with 2 million copies sold and the entire series reaching 4.5 million sales in 2015.

In an Interview with VG247 at PAX East, the company’s director of communications Thomas Puha, discussed that an Alan Wake sequel was being developed a few years ago but things didn’t go to plan “We were working on Alan Wake 2 years ago and it just didn’t pan out, so there’s nothing – we’re just booked solid for the next couple of years, really.”

Remedy could re-release the series for current platforms if they wish. It would be ideal to revive interest within the horror adventure series and considering the games' age it could be ported to the Nintendo Switch as well.

Currently, Remedy is working on Control with publisher 505 Games and is set to release this August for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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