Apex Legends Season 2 Starts Now, New Battlepass Now Available

The next season of Apex Legends is now available

By Grayshadow, Posted 03 Jul 2019

Apex Legends season 2 has started, providing a new array of unlocks, a rank mode, and a new legend named Wattson to play as.

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Apex Legends season 2 will bring a whole new set of weekly and daily challenges to complete. Of course, this also means new legendary items such as the Jade Tiger Octance and Iron Rampage R-301. Additionally, players can use crafting medals to obtain specific cosmetics the player wants.

Respawn Entertainment has added new music packs, loading screens, and new sky-diving emotes.

This season players can try Wattson, a support electric engineer who can set up fences to block off certain areas, a new Apex Elite rank only available for reaching the top 5 in a match, and a new ranking mode.

The season pass is now available for 950 Apex Coins or boosts yourself for 4700 Apex Coins, discounted to 2800, to get immediate access to the 3 exclusive character skins, legendary Spitfire skin, and 25 battle pass levels.

Apex Legends is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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