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By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Jul 2019

Pokémon Masters is the next big Pokemon game releasing this summer for mobile devices. In the latest set of videos we get a look at the game's various mechanics such as how to play, level up, and more.

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Sync pairs were first shown. Each trainer has a single Pokemon partner and you can use 3 sync pairs. Sync Pairs are separated into Strike for attack, Support for high HP and buffing allies, or Tech for debuffing and inflicting status ailments. Synergy encourages cooperation by boosting and combining attacks. 

The other videos deal with training. Players earn experience by winning battles to gain new levels. Once a level cap is reached, the player must use specific items to break through that cap to the next. Training machines are used to learn new moves, with each sync pair limited to 4 moves. Reaching a certain level can unlock evolution.

Passive skills are available. These are automatic and can be upgraded, with sync moves automatically leveling up if you have multiple Pokemon with the same one. You can increase your sync-pairs potential using premium Stars. 

Pokémon Masters launches this summer for mobile devices.

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