Playtonic Not Working on a New Banjo Kazooie Game

Playtonic addresses fan mentions

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Nov 2019

According to Playtonic, the studio has been swarmed with mentions about them working on a new installment in the dormant Banjo Kazooie franchise. Well, Playtonic decided to set the record straight. They came out to state they are not working on any such project.

Banjo Koozie,NoobFeed,

A statement from us!

— Playtonic (@PlaytonicGames) November 6, 2019

You can view the official statement above. I can see why gamers wanted this to be true. After all, Banjo and Kazooie recently came to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and it seems like the best opportunity to revive the series. But if there is a new game in the works the developers who made the original games and started Playtonic aren't the ones working on it. Even though they have said they would enjoy the chance to work with the beloved duo.

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