Call of Duty: Mobile Gets a Limited Time Zombies Mode

Try Zombies in Call of Duty: Mobile

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Nov 2019

Call of Duty: Mobile now has a zombies to the game for a limited of time.

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To access the mode you must reach level 5. Once done you can head into "The Return of Shi No Numa". 

Deep within a sweltering jungle in Japan, the Rising Sun Facility houses a dark secret.

Run by Group 935 and Division 9, this collection of huts looks as if it was just another remote village in the middle of nowhere… Until a distinct growl from creatures of rotting flesh is heard.

It seems that this swamp is another location used for nefarious experiments, and you are right in the middle of a dangerous trap.

This is the swamp of death – Shi No Numa, adapted for Mobile.

Originally a downloadable map in the Zombies mode within Call of Duty®: World at War, Shi No Numa returns in Call of Duty: Mobile. For those who have yet to experience a game of zombies in the Call of Duty universe, here’s a quick primer:

·      A session of zombies can be played alone or with up to three other players.

·      You and your teammates will begin a game with only a pistol and a knife. These will be used to protect you against the hordes of undead creatures.

·      After taking damage, your character will regenerate health if they do not take any more damage for five seconds.

·      The roaming undead can appear through windows, which can be boarded up to hinder their progress. Standing near a window will board it up automatically.

·      Boarding windows and killing zombies are the two primary ways of earning points. These points can be used to…

        Open new areas.

        Purchase wall weapons which are chalk outlines on certain walls around the map. Once you have one of these weapons, more ammo can be purchased at the same chalk outline for that weapon.

        Purchase weapons from the Mystery Box. The box can be found randomly around the map and is marked by a pillar of light. The Mystery Box gives players a weapon or equipment at random. After it is used a certain number of times, it disappears and reappears in a different area.

        Purchase Perk-a-Colas (passive benefits) from Perk Machines.

        Purchase Buffs (upgradable benefits) from the Enhancement Device. This is a new feature within Call of Duty: Mobile zombies – some example buffs are Critical Hit (boosts damage) and Rapid Reload (quicker reloads when reloading from an empty mag).

        Purchase a Coin (active skill) from Coin Dispensers. These are powerful abilities that can turn the tide of a round.

        Use traps to kill zombies.

Along with Zombies players can access Raid Mode. Where players complete a set number of waves and fight a final boss. With Normal offering 8 rounds and 12 rounds for Heroic.

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available for iOS and Android.

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