Bluepoint Games Teases Next Project Close to The Game Awards 2019 With a Dog GIF

Could Bluepoint Games show their next project soon

By Grayshadow, Posted 03 Dec 2019

Bluepoints Games won the hearts of many fans after their incredible remaster of Shadow of the Colossus PS4. Now, rumors have been spreading that their next project is the cult classic Demon's Souls. And now Bluepoint is teasing fans with a cryptic tweet and a GIF of a dog.

Demon Souls,NoobFeed,FromSoftware,

To classics we play
Our blood, sweat, tears give thanks!

To family & fans, eager you stay
Cheers rekindle flames - thanks!

Today feast, tomorrow rest
Soon the beast freed from jest

Temptation we shun

Then onto the next

We reset to further adorn the genesis
An era reborn

— Bluepoint Games (@bluepointgames) November 29, 2019

The GIF shows a dog's owner teasing the dog with treats using a transparent table. Along with the quote seen above. Those who've played Demon's Souls will recognize the language referring to bonfires and dark fantasy. Iconic elements from Demon's Souls that sparked the creation of Dark Souls and catapulted FromSoftware's reputation for delivering challenging games.

With The Game Awards happening soon, that seems like the ideal place to make any big announcements for the year.

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