Minecraft Officially Getting Crossplay Support For PS4

Everyone can play Minecraft together

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 Dec 2019

Remember when Microsoft and Nintendo had that YouTube video showing off Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players playing Minecraft together? Well, now PS4 players can play with other Minecraft players on other platforms with the Bedrock edition.


This version of the game will allow fully cross-play support for all Minecraft players. With PS4 players also having access to the Minecraft Marketplace that has skins, mini-games and more. And yes, this update is entirely free.

“So how is this different from the version of Minecraft I can already play on my PS4?” The difference is that the Bedrock version of Minecraft is the unified version of the game that offers the same experience across all consoles. All that glorious, unified code means that you’ll be playing the same game as your pals on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, and mobile! So, yes – that means you get cross-play between those different consoles (once you’re running the most recent update). Not just that, PS4 players now also have access to the Minecraft Marketplace – a source for worlds, skins, mini-games, and mash up packs! So you’re going to have not just a better Minecraft experience than ever before, but more Minecraft than ever.

Minecraft is now available on every gaming platform.

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