Final Fantasy VII Remake's The Game Awards Trailer is Incredible

The new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake is everything you could want

By Grayshadow, Posted 13 Dec 2019

The latest trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake features the iconic musical score from the original along with more footage of the long-awaited title.

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Who is Cloud Strife? Watch the new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake, coming to PS4 March 3.

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) December 13, 2019

Much of the trailer is narrated and stars Cloud Strife. With the 1st Class Solider warning Aerith to keep her distance.

We get to a variety of scenes from the first disc, all focusing on Cloud. We see Cloud joining Avalanche, starting the opening mission, and interacting with Tifa and Aerith. There's a lot going on and if you played the original you'll recognize so much.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches this March 3rd for PS4.

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