WB Montreal Teasing New Game with Logo

WB Montreal teasing fans once again

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 Jan 2020

WB Montreal developed Batman Arkham Origins back in 2014 and the DLC Batgirl: A Matter of Family for Batman Arkham Knight. Rumors about a new Batman game have been circulating for months now. Back at The Game Awards 2019, it was rumored that Batman Arkham Legacy would be the new game and star Batman's family however that was wrong. In addition, information surfaced of a canceled Batman Arkham game that would've starred Batman's son Damien Wayne who has taken on the role of Batman. Now WB Montreal is teasing their fans again.

Batman Arkham Legacy,NoobFeed,

The new image, shown above, has can mean a lot of things. Fans predict it may be linked to the Court of Owls or Suicide Squad. As Batman Arkham Origins had a teaser for Suicide Squad at the end of its game and nothing came from it. For now, this is 2 projects that fans are unaware of that WB is working on. The other being Rocksteady who has been working on a secret project since Batman Arkham Knight released.

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