PS5 DualShock Will Apparently Track Your Heart-Rate and Sweat Secretion

A new patent shows the DualShock 5 will track heart-rate and sweat secretion

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Feb 2020

Have you ever wanted to combine a Fitbit with a PlayStation controller? Well, Sony seems to be doing that with the DualShock 5. With a patent showing off the controller with a sweat secretion and heart-rate tracker.

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The news was provided by Respawn First, where a patent for the DualShock 5 has Biofeedback.

biofeedback information is used to select between one or more options presented in a piece of content without the user having to provide further input.

There is a desire in computer gaming to provide an immersive and highly interactive experience for players, so as to enhance the enjoyment of the player. This has become of particular interest with the increasing availability of head-mounted displays.

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The reason behind this design is to track the user's responses during gameplay. Perhaps to provide feedback based on what the playing is doing and act accordingly.

This can be a great feature, providing more immersive experiences. But it also raises concerns about data being shared with third-parties. This type of information is sensitive as it provides another layer of data of the person. Concerns have already risen about Sony possibly selling hints to players in the future. Which could work hand in hand with this function, providing monetized help when the controller indicates increased heart-rate or sweating.

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