THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR Samurai Shodown Collaboration Confirmed

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR and Samurai Shodown join together for 1 special event

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Feb 2020

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR has a new collaboration event on the horizon. With Samurai Shodown joining the series and offering unique unlocks.


A special livestream was hosted by professional fighting gamer Justin Wong. The events will start tomorrow and run until March 16th. With multiple fighters being added to the game over the course of weeks for a limited time.

Haohmaru and Nakoruru will be available for players to collect from Feb. 25 – March 16, while rival fighters Genjuro and Charlotte will unlock March 3 - 16. And on March 10, THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV variant of Nakoruru will also be available to collect. In addition, players can collect two additional Samurai Shodown legacy warriors, Tachibana Ukyo and Amakusa, by completing limited-time events.

·       Samurai Shodown Events

o   Super Mission – Players can collect Tachibana Ukyo and earn special cards, souls, and various growth items for the Fighter

o   Score Dungeon – By completing the Dungeon, players will earn coins to exchange for Amakusa alongside affinity items and other growth items

o   Time Attack – Players can play with Samurai Shodown fighters with the limited-time Time Attack mode

o   Access Event – Samurai Shodown-themed Battle Card tickets, Gold, Souls, and Growth Items are available as daily log-in rewards

·       Other Updates

o   Players can collect ’98 Mai Shiranui via a special Roulette Event

o   An additional chapter of the Epic Quest launches on March 4

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR is now available for mobile devices.

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