March 2020 Twitch Prime Special offers Include Loot from Apex Legends, FIFA 20, and More

New updated list of free content coming to all Twitch Prime users

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Feb 2020

March starts this Sunday. Google and Microsoft revealed their updated selection of free content for their services. Now, Twitch has gone the same. With a new lineup of exclusive content and new games.

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This month gamers can unlock a unique skin in Apex Legends. Until March 19th you can unlock the Gilded Rose skin for Revenant. In addition, you can unlock the follow from all these games.

Destiny 2

Exotic items like the Poultry Petting emote Praxic Finery sparrow and the Sails of Osiris ship, plus a Legendary Ghost Shell.

Madden 20

Superstar Pack


Gunslinger Craft and Gunslinger Formal Jacket


Player Pick Pack

Rainbow Six Siege 

Maestro Operator Skin

League of Legends

Mystery Skin

Teamfight Tactics

Mystery Little Legends Egg and emote

Ring of Elysium

Twitch Prime skin, AK47 skin, and 3 weapon skins from supply boxes

Black Desert Mobile

100 in-game stamps

Raid: Shadow Legends

5 ancient shards and 4 rank 4 chickens

The new free games include Furi, Bomber Crew, Epistory Typing Chronicles, Whispers of a Machine and Mugster.

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