Marvel's First Open-World RPG Revealed for Mobile Devices, Called Marvel Future Revolution

New open-world Marvel title confirmed for mobile devices

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Mar 2020

During PAX East, NetMarble revealed a new game based on the Marvel universe. The first open-world Marvel title called Marvel Future Revolution for mobile devices.

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At PAX East, Netmarble and Marvel revealed the official teaser trailer of MARVEL Future Revolution and showed attendees a first look at the game, all fully-realized in a 3D open world with AAA quality graphics, a massive scale and unique freedom of play. This new collaboration between both companies will offer very special experiences as gamers and Marvel fans will assume the roles of various versions of Captain AmericaCaptain Marvel, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange among other Super Heroes and set foot in an enormous open universe with iconic merged locations like Xandearth, Sakaar and more to explore.

In an official press release Netmarble's Andy Kang stated:

“Netmarble is thrilled to continue our successful partnership with Marvel, especially as we are nearing the five-year anniversary of MARVEL Future Fight,” said Andy Kang, Executive Producer of Netmarble. “We look forward to share a whole new open world experience with Marvel and mobile gaming fans everywhere.”

A teaser trailer was shown during PAX East. Showing off Captain America, Spider-Mans, Captain Marvel, and Doctor Strange. Who will also have multiple versions of themselves made possible by dimensional holes.

No release date has been provided.

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