Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Super Smash Bros. Wii U is a jubilant celebration of chaos, it’s worth purchasing a Wii U just for this game.

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 Dec 2014

After a successful launch on the 3DS, Super Smash Bros. has finally arrived for the Wii U. While a lot remain similar there are a myriad of differences between the two that justly this console iteration. With new modes, 8-player battles, and HD graphics, Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U delivers a fantastic fighting game experience that anyone can play. The Wii U version is the definitive Smash Bros. Experience and worth investing in even if you own the 3DS version.

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The Wii U version of Smash contains more modes and features than the 3DS iteration, making it a more well-rounded experience. Familiar modes such as Classic and All-Star mode are here, as well as various mini-games such as Target Blast, Multi-Man Smash, and Home Run Contest. There's a lot of options available and those hoping to unlock everything will have to invest a modest amount of time.

Event Mode is the newest edition to the Wii U version of Smash. In this mode players tackle special objectives based on various Nintendo franchises. Completing these unique matches yields special rewards such as new stages and open new paths to events by completing specific requirements. Cooperative play is available in Event Mode, but progress between the single-player and multiplayer options are kept separately.

Taking the place of Smash Run from the 3DS version is Smash Tour. In this mode players choose from one of three different game boards and take turns gathering power-ups. Similar to Mario Party, players roll a die and move pieces around the board, once all the turns have expired all the participants are thrown into a match with their power-ups active. While Smash Tour does feel tenser than Smash Tour in the 3DS version, especially if you play with a full party of people instead of AI opponents, it doesn’t have the same level of excitement as Melee’s Adventure Mode. Where Adventure Mode has players traveling through unique notorious environments based on the cast of characters, Smash Run simply has you revisiting stages within the game.

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If you simply want to face your friends in traditional Smash, Nintendo has added some optional new additions to keep classic mode fresh. While the classic matches with up to four players is still available, Nintendo has bumped up optional the player count to eight. Battles with eight battles quickly become chaotic and loosing track of your player can become an issue, but despite the myriad of bombs and punches being thrown, the game consistently runs smoothly. 

Unlike past versions of Super Smash Bros., most of the hidden characters are unlocked from the beginning. With 49 fighters to choose from, ranging from classic Nintendo titles to third-party games, the roster is staggering. You’ll still have to uncover some hidden contestants, but the requirements are simple that one can unlock every character by just playing the game. There’s a lot of diversity, but it never feels overwhelming. Each character has their own play style, each with the same button layout, and has their own specific style that’s fun to learn. It’s simple to pick up and play but difficult to master, encouraging players to try each character to see what they find ideal. Running at a smooth 60 frames-per second, Super Smash is absolutely stunning on Wii U. Hectic 8-player smash fights run effortlessly, even with the calamity of various items being thrown and used throughout battle. Coupled with incredible musical scores from classic games, remixes, and the original soundtrack, it's hard not to immerse yourself during each of these intense battles.

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Super Smash Wii U offers an array of ways to play. Gamers can use the Wii U GamePad, Pro Controller, classic GameCube controller (which requires a special adaptor), Wii Remote and nunchuk, and Nintendo 3DS (if you own a copy of Super Smash Bros. 3DS) as a controller. Each control wonderfully and like the roster tailors to your own specific style of player. However, it's clear that the GameCube still remains the best choice because of the ideal button placement and joystick.

Unlike most fighting games Super Smash uses damage in a different way. Instead of a health bar that depletes the more damage you take your health counts upwards. The more hits you take the further your character can be sent flying. The goal is to knock your opponent off the stage and prevent them from returning.

The varieties of stages share the same diversity as the characters. Classic stages from pervious installments make a return, such as Dreamland and Norfair, alongside new levels each with their own dynamic changes that occur throughout the battle. Those looking for a competitive match can change any stage into their Omega form, which alters the level to represent Final Destination with the level’s own distinctive style. Just like the character option, it's easy to find your ideal stage within the options given.

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A stage builder is available for those seeking to create their own. Options are limited and nowhere as broad as other level creation titles like Little Big Planet, but the selection available allows for some creative levels to share with your friends.

The online functionality was the most problematic issue for the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. and a lot of players worried that this problem would transfer to the Wii U's iteration. With constant server disconnections and frame-rate issues, the 3DS launch of Super Smash suffered greatly. While the Wii U version doesn’t have the same vexing concerns, some of the same performance issues are present here. The inconsistency of logging into a smooth match is still present and no option to see your opponent’s connection exist. The game still runs smoothly, provided you have an ideal connection, but the network connectively issues remain the primary flaw for what should be a smooth online experience.

Like the 3DS version, players can play For Fun, where your statistics aren't recorded, or For Glory where your statistics are tracked. Right now, the only way to compare you to the rest of the world is through the Global Smash Power listing. You cannot see your opponent’s record, compare yourself to your friends, or view other ranking options that are found in other popular fighting games like Street Fighter. For a game as competitive as Super Smash to have these options unavailable is shocking and should be included in upcoming patches.

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Super Smash for the Wii U offers plenty of reasons to return. Collecting trophies is just as addicting as when they were introduced in Melee, and can be purchased using coins that you earn from playing through the trophy shop. Special challenges have you unlocking new stages, music tracks and hidden characters keep you replaying each mode.

For added appeal players can use their Amiibo figures to face against or fight alongside. It was definitely odd facing against these AI opponents that I can carry around but even stranger seeing it learn and adapt to my specific play style. After a few short matches, my Sonic Amiibo went from a novice punching bag to a worthy adversary.

Fickle internet issues is only a minor issue for otherwise an incredible game. The massive roster of characters, varied stages, and dense amount of options there’s just so much to do. Super Smash attempts to ensure that there’s something for nearly everyone, from young to old or novice to expert, and succeeds. Super Smash Bros. Wii U is a jubilant celebration of chaos, it’s worth purchasing a Wii U just for this game.

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