Sonic Mania Plus Xbox One X Review

Sonic Mania or have yet to play it, Sonic Mania Plus delivers more of the same great gameplay the original game provided.

By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Jul 2018

Back in 2017, Sonic Mania released to high acclaimed for its 2D sidescroller action that not only incited feelings of nostalgia but how much of a demand there was for old-school Sonic games. Sonic Mania Plus is the latest expansion that adds 2 new playable characters, new modes, and small changes to certain stages. Sonic Mania Plus is the same incredible game and if you have yet to pick up this outstanding title now you have more reasons to do so now.

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Sonic Mania Plus is the same game from 2017. Sonic and his friends must travel through time and stop Dr. Eggman. Unlike the core game players can now control of Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. Both characters have been part of the Sonic canon for some time and provide new ways to play through the campaign.

Ray can fly through the air but unlike Tails must gain momentum by diving and pulling up. Mighty, like Knuckles, can break through walls and dive to the floor. When diving Mighty won't be harmed if he makes contact with spikes but only after the first impact. Both characters are fun to play as especially for those looking for variety from Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles who've kept their same style of play since the SEGA Genesis days.

Stages have been altered slightly for better momentum. Unless you've activity played Sonic Mania you won't notice many of the changes. However, the most significant change in the game is how enemy weaknesses are hinted at. An issue that was vexing in the first game, making it easier for newcomers to understand what needs to be done.

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Encore Mode takes place after the events of Mania Mode and Sonic Forces where the player progresses through altered versions of the Zones with changed gameplay rules. These include altered pathways, color palettes, changed object placements, and more. Players take control of Sonic, Mighty, and Ray with only 2 of the 3, one controlled by AI, are playable. Characters are swapped occasionally, forcing players to change their tactics and making for a refreshing experience.

Other new additions include a pinball game that will many of the Pinball games found in Sonic Adventure and a 4-player competition mode. These small changes all combine to make Sonic Mania Plus a much different game from the original. 

Sonic Mania Plus adds a lot of new content is specifically targeted for fans of Sonic Mania. New characters, modes, and changes to the core game all combine for a new adventure. Whether you own a copy of Sonic Mania or have yet to play it, Sonic Mania Plus delivers more of the same great gameplay the original game provided.

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