Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS Silver Lining PlayStation 4 Pro Review

Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS Silver Lining ends Spider-Man's journey on a high note that all fans of this title should experience.

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Dec 2018

The final DLC campaign for Marvel's Spider-Man The City that Never Sleeps accomplishes much more than finish off this extensive story. It adds new narrative elements that provide insight into what players can expect into the upcoming sequel. It does add a lot more tedious busy work and one character's ending is unfulfilling but Silver Linings is more than an end to Marvel's Spider-Man, it's a bridge to the next game.

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Silver Linings has players attempting to stop Hammerhead once and for all and rid New York of all the Sable gear now flooding the streets. Taking place right after the previous DLC players are quickly joined by Silver Sable, sporting her aggressive loner attitude while also building on her backstory. Very little was told about Sable in the main campaign, despite being a critical part to it, but here Insomniac gave the veteran mercenary a chance to explain why she acts this way, her homeland, and her long-term motives.

The story missions are well-paced, offering a lot of variety found in the main campaign. The DLC rarely goes against the flow but provides new areas to stretch Spider-Man's various abilities. You'll encounter the same enemy types, now with more health thanks to their Sable gear and augments, along with an epic final boss encounter.

The bulk of the story centers on the relationship between Silver Sable and Spider-Man. The 2 have had a rocky relationship, working together only when necessary. But you can see that Spider-Man wants to be her ally but Sable's pride just won't allow it. That dynamic makes for some funny moments as Spider-Man tries to break the ice with bad jokes and moments of admiration. At first, I wasn't a fan of Sable but after this DLC my perspective of her changed completely.

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The optional objectives do overshadow the story missions in terms of availability. You'll take down Screwball and close up other loose ends I won't spoil but much of it relies on more tedious work. You'll take down hordes of enemies in a variety of challenge rooms and hunt down collectibles that yield critical story details but after a full game and 2 DLCs of doing it, this system begins to become vexing. Swinging around as Spider-Man once overshadowed this but in the sequel, this system has to change.

Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS Silver Lining is an outstanding conclusion to this DLC campaign. When combined with the other campaigns it makes for a fulling finale that not only ends Marvel's Spider-Man on a high note but gives players information into what Insomniac is working on for the sequel. It does have more dull challenge missions and collectibles that are longer than the story missions but this is a small issue. Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS Silver Lining ends Spider-Man's journey on a high note that all fans of this title should experience.

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Platform(s): PS4
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