Fable 3 the next game in the very successful Fable franchise is coming out Spring or Fall if you are an American. It will use Navidia but it will not be a necessity. Sir Peter Molinaeux is keeping Info on Navidia close to his chest at this stage as well as a New Continent called Aurora. How ever I have info on this new place. In stark contrast to the frightfully British Albion Aurora will be more along the lines of Arabian Nights. Canyons, deserts and sand dunes abound! In the center of your castle is the "War Room" here you will find a very large Magical Map. Where you can look around but it has more that just your normal options. You will be able to spy on your citizens zooming in on their lives. As an example of this. You have to been tending to your wife she might cheat on you! You track her down using the Magical Map and see she is having a long visit with the local Potion Dealer you can then rush out of the castle and be there to catch her in the act!!!

When you are finally king you will have better access to your guild room a place to store your thousands of custom clothes neatly folded by your Butler played by John Cleese who I think is perfect for video games. He is not a but character though and will play an important role in the story. Another topic close to the guild store room is weapons. No longer will they look the same and in a twist along the lines of borderlands they will be trade-able in XBLive because they morph to the way you play the game making many many combinations. Only use it to kill skeletons and it wall look and sound like bones. If you are a right evil sod it will forever drip in blood.

I will try to update you with more info soon.

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  • Honestly speaking I am not a big fan of the franchise, not because I never played a Fable but probably I don't like the 'style' of the game.

    Posted Apr 15, 2010

  • Is it me or anyone else is thinking that this game is turning out to be specialized in voyeurism, cheating wives, relationships and multiple making outs, instead of major improvement in gameplay?

    Posted Apr 15, 2010

  • Never played Fable. I did watch a friend of mine play the first one though, and I know some people who will be pleased to hear this for Fable III.

    @Koshai: Isn't that what we want ;p lol joking, since I can't really comment on this since I haven't played the previous games :]

    Posted Apr 15, 2010

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