Of course you cannot have a Microsoft conference showcasing your new hardware without Halo. As a major fan I was shocked to see the trailer, thinking it was something else. The trailer showed Master Chief, dawning a ripped brown coat, watching an unknown being rising from the sand as he gripped Cortana's memory unit.

Bonnie Ross didn't elaborate on the trailer meant except that Halo will evolve with Xbox One. The convention closed with the Xbox One release date being set on November for $499 before showing Respawn Entertainment's new title Titanfall.

Titan showcased parkour, jetpacks, and of course giant mechs. Vince Zampella came out to introduce the gameplay video that featured a waiting for players option, which I assume is cooperative play. The interface featured 3 points of interest known as hardpoints. Mechs and human players use the terrain to charge the point using jetpacks to leap onto edges and hop off walls, similar to Brink.

Eliminating targets net you points so you can gain access to a Titan. This massive Mech. Gives you access to massive fire power in exchange for movement. Titans have the ability to ripe other people from their suits and every catch bullets and redirect them. But they don't need a pilot to operate and will continue to fight even when you leave the suit, when damage you're ejected from the armor.

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