As you might have guessed, Hades can't be trusted. The God of the Underworld had no intention of fulfilling his part of the deal and instead wanted to keep Alexios/Kassandra as another trophy. Well, that's not happening. Here's how to defeat Hades.

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Hades will start the battle using a strong set of melee attacks. These are easily dodged but end with an AOE blast when he taps his ax to the ground. When dealt enough damage, Hades will teleport and construct a shield that must be destroyed. He'll also summon an orb that must be destroyed before it touches you. If it does Hades will grip you, pull you towards him, and inflict massive damage.

Hades does rely on melee swings so you can exploit the use of your arrows. But this strategy will eventually become useless. After dispelling his shield for the first time Hades will start to panic and use faster orbs and bombs to limit your range of movement. He'll also start charging.

The best strategy is the maximize defense. Attack only when an opening appears and avoid the red circles at all cost. Use rapid fire to take out the orbs quickly when they appear or Hades can chain his attacks. Despite being a god Hades is still suitable to adrenaline attacks. Use them to widdle his health down, this is a long fight and you want to end it asap.

Hades will generate his shield 3 times before you can defeat the Underworld God and get his ax.



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