Resident Evil Village How to Defeat Dimitrescu's Daughters

Defeat Dimitrescu's daughters

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 May 2021

One of the major first bosses is Dimitrescu's daughters. Here's how to beat them.

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Bela Dimitrescu

This is the first daughter you'll encounter. She's the easiest since her weakness is exposed automatically. Use the environment to create distance between you 2 and shoot from afar. She lacks long-range attacks and due to the cold air being everywhere Ethan can easily cause damage. Ammo is littered around and if you need more space head into the back room and break the windows to leak more cold air.

Cassandra Dimitrescu

Cassandra's fight happens when you try to obtain one of the Dimitrescu masks. Where in the storeroom you'll immediately move the shelf on the left side of the room. You'll need to blow the wall, either craft a pipebomb or grab on from the upper right-hand side from the entrance. Blow the wall and shoot Cassandra till she dies.

Daniela Dimitrescu

The hardest of the 3 sisters you'll need to expose the room to cold air. On the opposite side from where you enter on one of the polls is a yellow lever. Pull it to expose the cold air and weaken Daniela. She'll start to hide behind the furniture so give chase but keep your distance from her sickle. Repeat until she's dead.

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