Will The Division Succeed Where Destiny Failed?

The Division succeeds in what Destiny failed to accomplish

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Feb 2016

One of the biggest games coming out this year is The Division, and many are comparing Ubisoft’s next title to Bungie’s Destiny; for good reason. Like Destiny The Division seeks to establish itself as the next big original IP by enticing players with a detailed world, challenging gameplay, and addicting mechanics. After playing the closed and open beta for extensive periods of time it’s without a doubt that The Division has left an impression on me. Not because it’s one of the biggest new IPs coming out this year, but that it was everything that I wanted Destiny to be when it released. 

While the beta was only a limited experience the community element was immediately apparent. The second I landed in Manhattan I was not only exposed to a war-torn city but actual players, more than I could count. As I traveled deeper into Manhattan new players would just show up. In one instant I was in the middle of an Encounter, completely in over my head, and 2 players came out of nowhere to aid me. As I continued through the beta I found that I could literally join other players who were interested in similar objectives, exploring, going to the Dark Zone or completing missions at any time and fast travel to their location. I was never alone, even when I played solo.  

When heading into the Dark Zone for the first time, as you can see from the videos above, my hubris landed me in hot water. Players, who were a joy to encounter in the safe zone, were now dangerous and unpredictable. Even allies could prove hostile, turning against you for their own benefit. This added layer of tension made The Division that more thrilling, this dynamic shift and desire for better gear constantly pushed me forward in the beta. I wanted to take more risks because the rewards were so much sweeter, whether it was traveling deeper into deadly areas or going rogue to steal gear from other players. 

Granted this is a beta, so everything is left to speculation unless the game releases on March 8. However the excitement I experienced from the beta of The Division easily outshine my, initial, Destiny experience. The world was connected, players were roaming around and the constant desire to improve your avatar continuously pushed me forward, and this was just a taste of the full game. Destiny attempted, and promised, to capture this same captivating feeling. The biggest difference here is that Ubisoft has destroyed that barriers that kept players apart. Instead of herding players into specific zones Ubisoft has made The Division one large area for players to engage in. Specific zones are available for certain activities but for the most part you can engage and participate with other players without having to leave the game. 

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The Division's beat highlighted the game's emphasis on community and development. You were continuously tested to obtain the best gear and to accomplish this requires the help of other players, who are plentiful and present in the world. If The Division launches smoothly with limited online issues and satisfying post-launch content it can easily overtake Destiny has one of the best new IPs to release in a long time.

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