Easy Platinum Trophies #4

We thought we’d focus our attention on the PlayStation 3 in this feature, highlighting some of the easy platinum trophies you can bag yourself.

By fishdalf, Posted 27 Jun 2010

Achievements are becoming more and more integral in this gaming era, and depending on what trophies or gamer points a game offers can make or break somebody’s purchase. We thought we’d focus our attention on the PlayStation 3 in this feature, highlighting some of the easy platinum trophies you can bag yourself.

Hasbro Family Game Night

This game has been around for a while now and it was only a matter of time before it made the list. A seriously easy trophy to obtain and can be done by playing the game casually either by yourself or with friends and family.

If you’re going straight for the platinum then you can probably achieve it within 4 or 5 hours, with none really testing your skill, and only a few testing your patience. Perhaps the most arduous are the ones contained within Sorry! which sums the game up to a tee.

We strongly recommend you rent this game, because it still has a pretty hefty price tag and isn’t particularly worth a quarter of what it’s going for.

The Godfather 2

I make you an offer you don’ refuse. Don’ worry. The offer is yet another simple trophy for your growing collection. Many of the trophies found here are given for playing through the main game just once, and are unavoidable. Some others can be gathered here and there by carrying out simple tasks, such as upgrading your men’s skills or weapons.

There are a couple of missable ones, such as the Executions in Style trophy, which needs to be done before your wipe the last family out, but if you get these out of the way early there should be no problems. The rest are all collection trophies, and while some can be a little taxing, some light exploration or getting your hands on the correct maps will bring you success.

You should bag this in around 20 hours, but if you want to hurry that up a little the game will allow for cheats if that’s something you’re into.

NHL 2K10

While this one is a little more long-winded than the others it’s still a relatively easy one to get, and for those looking for a casual sports title it’s an ideal combination.

This one will take you around 30 hours and over 500 games to complete, and within that you’ll be aiming for landmarks, such as shoot on goal 1000 times, score 30 power play goals, and achieve a total of 500 hits. There are also your fair share of trophy-winning trophies, but these can be swung in your favour by playing around in edit mode if you so wish.

There are 2 online trophies to navigate if you want platinum here, one simply requires the uploading of your franchise to 2KSports.com. The other is a little tougher and will require you to win 10 online ranked matches, although if you’re useless at this sort of thing find an online friend who’s even worse.

Total Platinum Trophies: 3

Estimated Time: 7 Days

The best thing we can recommend is to rent as oppose to buy, that way you save money and simply swap games upon completion. Look out for further parts in this ongoing feature soon, in which we’ll list even more games featuring easy platinum trophies.

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Craig Bryan, NoobFeed

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  • I only have the first one in the list, really quick platinum in my opinion. Also, the game is fun if you want to play with the rest of your family.

    As for the others, The GodFather 2 can be completed within 15-20 hours and most of the trophies are noobtastic in terms of dificulty. But I can't find this game in any local store and buying it online  isn't worth it because it's still has a high price.

    NHL 2k10 - 30 hours is still a lot and  you might want to include another easier and less time consuming games in the next part. Just a tip. :)

    Posted Jun 27, 2010

  • I love this feature.

    Posted Jun 27, 2010

  • Oooh, looks like I missed the previous ones. Good feature, helps us PS3 trophy hunters :P

    Posted Jun 28, 2010

  • Cool feature. I don't own any of these games though. I got 5 plats now and now playing 2010 FIFA World Cup, FFXIII, Red Dead, Fuel and WET. Anyone knows which of these has the most easy platinum trophy?

    Posted Jun 29, 2010

  • @SvV_Ying - Probably 2010 FIFA World Cup. As for the others, it would take some time to get the platinum as they requires a lot of time.

    Posted Jul 05, 2010

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