NoobFeed Editor's Choice: GOTY 2016

Individual picks for 2016’s game of the year by NoobFeed Editors.

By Woozie, Posted 03 Jan 2017

A year with its highs and lows, 2016 has come and gone. As is customary, we’ve taken a look at what we’ve played and decided which titles made a lasting impression, making the time spent in their company unforgettable. Below, you’ll find our individual picks for 2016’s game of the year.

Ratchet and Clank PS4 - Adam's Game of the Year

Ratchet And Clank, Image, Feature

Along with Jak and Daxter and Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank were the best action-adventure games to own on the PlayStation 2. Insomniac Games decided to reboot the franchise by using the first game as a starting edifice, adding new content, and refining old aspects of the game. The result one of the best action-adventure games to come out in a long time. The expansive weapon selection, brilliant writing, and marvellous characters not only captivated newcomers of the franchise but recaptured the nostalgia from the original games. If you own a PlayStation 4 this is a must buy!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 – Ron’s Game of the Year

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, Image, Feature

Perhaps it’s time to legitimately announce Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 as the ultimate soccer simulation. In terms of gameplay, its quality is unparalleled, and the game gives the best footballing experience. From the number of individual gestures, passing, kicking styles to overall field atmosphere, each and every single football match is a delight. The AI has been vastly improved and is now more intelligent. In simple words, unlike previous titles, the PES17 AI knows what it’s doing. The game itself comes with loads of options, with myClub, Master League, Become A Legend, Divisions, offering different types of experience. The lack of licensing is still the only drawback, but PES fans are starting to realize that it’s something that can’t be fixed overnight. The online experience is also better compared to previous games and, overall, PES 2017 undoubtedly made the most impressive breakthrough this year.

DOOM - Robert's Game of the Year

DOOM, Image, Feature

If I had to pick the title that I enjoyed the most this year, it’d have to be DOOM. While not without contenders, DOOM put me through hours of sheer enjoyment as I mowed down hordes upon hordes of hellspawn. Its fast-paced combat that nails rhythm down, prioritizing constant movement and going in dangerously close to enemies when near death for gory, health-replenishing executions, had me craving for the next level and the level after that. With undoubtedly great visuals, a soundtrack that fits the action on the screen like a glove and a penchant to capturing the essence of the series and, why not, the genre, DOOM is the title that best stuck in my mind throughout the year.

Stardew Valley - Daav's Game of the Year

Stardew Valley, Image, Feature

I haven't played a lot of games this year and the choices I made for those select few have either been terribly disappointing or in Early Access. Tharsis, No Man's Sky or Dark Souls III are no person's idea of a good time. We Happy Few and RimWorld have both been intensely entertaining, but those projects aren't far along enough to not expect them to become even better next year. Salt and Sanctuary and Enter the Gungeon were nice distractions, impulse-heavy and yet uncomplicated, but both too limited to really last.

Admittedly, I did play one game a lot. And by that, I do mean I played one thing incessantly. After the demise of Rocket League in Season 3, Overwatch jumped in to fill that hole. Briefly launching the game to check, the playtime counter points to more than 500 hours. I, however, couldn't give Overwatch top marks for a few reasons and that's from someone who, again, played more of that game than most people spend on their hobby entirely. The game's launch was rather meager and took several iterations to get to the point where it feels complete now; its community runs rampant in toxicity and developer Blizzard cares a lot more about upselling tantalizing skins, rather than making the game welcoming for players or fixing the currently messy eSports spot it wants so badly. Overwatch is worth playing, a lot, but it's not at the pinnacle of its peers in 2016.

Stardew Valley, while it has a few of its own trappings, is something I can look back on with a constant flood of nice memories. When I think about the dozens of hours spent in the little shore town, I don't remember the restrictive season goals or its strange, cryptic unlock capabilities; The game makes me think about the people and the home I created. Starting every day petting my dog, tending to my farm animals, going out to give people some servings of my farm, taking some time to fish and maybe even explore a cave or other mysterious landmark. While the focus of Stardew Valley is labor first and foremost, it finds the right balance to make this routine a soothing experience. Nothing is ever mandatory and the possibilities are many. That's how a slice of life should feel like; once something becomes a little too tedious, just alternate to some other creative outlet and interact with people while doing it. Stardew Valley is a tiny, lovely community with deep roots and so many interesting stories; it's hard to ever want to leave.


Happy New Year!

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