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Whether you played the first game or have never experienced a Ratchet and Clank game this is a must have for all PS4 owners

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Apr 2016

When it first released in 2002 Ratchet and Clank became an immediate hit. The incredible array of weapons, worlds, and characters had gamers entranced and the multiple sequels that followed continued this long tradition of great action-adventure games well in the lifespan of both the PS2 and PS3. Now debuting on the PS4 Ratchet and Clank have been reborn with a brand new origin story. This isn’t simply a graphical update of an outstanding game, it’s a new story based on the same edifice of the original title. Whether you played the first game or have never experienced a Ratchet and Clank game this is a must have for all PS4 owners.

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Ratchet is a gifted mechanic who dreams of space travel and becoming a hero like his idol Captain Qwark. After being dismissed from the Galactic Rangers for his troubled past Ratchet loses all hope of ever becoming a hero, until a detective robot named B5429 lands on his planet. Nicknamed Clank by Ratchet this tiny bot was labeled a defective warbot and barely escaped the factory where he was built. Clank reveals to Ratchet about that Chariman Drek, reprised by Paul Giamatti, dangerous plan that threatens billions of lives and the two set off to save the universe.

The overall story hasn’t changed much from the original game however new cutscenes, dialogue, and gameplay mechanics make it feel unfamiliar from the 2002 version. These range from small tweets and changes to completely new additions such as brand new planets, weapons, and characters.

Ratchet has an array of weapons to choose from to dispose of his many enemies. Each weapon upgrades based on how much you use it, making stronger, different, and bigger. If enemies get too close Ratchet can use his trusty wrench for powerful close-range swings, perform an overhead slam, or throw it like a boomerang. Clank serves as Ratchet’s primary gadget, assisting in flight, dashing, and higher jumps. Other gadgets include the Trespasser for unlocking locked doors, magnetic boots, grind shoes, and much more. 

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As many have come to expect from Insomniac weapons have been creativity designed. Classics from the original game like the Glove of Doom return along with new weapons like the Pixelizer, which turn enemies into 8-bit versions of themselves, are a joy to use. Certain weapons work better than other in given situations but I never felt limited to one weapon. Mixing and matching combinations was encouraged, and using the d-pad to quickly switch between 4 of my favorite weapons made battles more interactive. 

Raritanium and Holocards serve as other ways to upgrade your arsenal. Each weapon has its own upgrade tree and by surrounding a specific slot, marked with a question mark, will unlock a unique boost to that weapon. Holocards are available to collect throughout the environment and are dropped by enemies. Card sets unlock specific new upgrades and if you happen to get 5 duplicates players are given the option to exchange them for another card.

Enemies are diverse and plentiful. Each planet sports its own unique environment filled with enemies specific to that area. Disposing of them causes them to explode in a flurry of Bolts. These serve as the primary currency for the universe and can be obtained from not only defeating enemies but smashing crates. Hidden in certain planets are Golden Bolts, offering more reasons to go back to planets and check every area.

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It’s clear that Insomniac went the extra mile with not only the graphics but the voice-acting and writing. The clever dialogue exchanged between each character is delightful to watch, whether it’s Ratchet’s brash persona, Clank being the voice of reason, or any of the many entertaining characters that litter the world. The musical score complements each situation, whether its exchange fire with cannon-fodder troops or grinding down rails on a snowy planet. 

This not to say that Ratchet and Clank is perfect, small issues are present within the gameplay and animations. For example the grapple button is linked to the weapon’s trigger, meaning if you’re too close to a grapple point you’ll be unable to shoot your gun. Conversations with other characters in-game are stale, most of them has Ratchet and the opposing character standing in the same pose with no change other than their faces in minor arm gestures. Compared to past Ratchet and Clank games this is a step backwards.

Aerial combat is also another issue. These minor moments has Ratchet and Clank piloting his ship in a series of dogfights against other aerial opponents. The controls during these situations felt stale and unresponsive, especially when combat to other games like Halo: Reach and Star Fox 64 3DS. You cannot boost while shooting and the lack of a brake button makes navigating through smaller areas much more vexing. Fortunately these sequences were minor and far in-between.

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Ratchet and Clank PS4 phenomenal rebirth of a classic franchise. Insomniac has carefully developed this renewed version so it not only captures the original’s flare but feels new and exciting. I was yearning to see the next planet, what my weapons would evolve into, and the next cutscene. Even after completing the 9 hour adventure there was challenge mode and hidden Golden Bolts to collect, easily adding hours more of playtime. Ratchet and Clank is an out-of-this world adventure that succeeds in almost every front.

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