Games to Play After Beating Nioh

Beat Nioh but looking for a new challenge, check out these games

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Feb 2017

Nioh is a difficult game that demands absolute commitment from the player in order to succeed. The challenging gameplay focuses the player to not only be aware of their own actions but their enemy. After completing it what game should you play next? Here's a list of games that will challenge even the most experience Nioh players.

The Witcher 3,Wild Hunt,NoobFeed,CD Projekt RED,

Preparing and awarenesses, that's the key to surviving in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Teeming with hostile humans and monsters The Witcher 3's world requires the player to prepare for each encounter by understanding key weaknesses in their enemy. Fire, types of poison, and fighting style all paramount from the strongest enemies to the weakest cannon fodder. Coupled with a vast open-world that continues to surprise even the most seasoned veterans of the franchise The Witcher 3 is an intricate game full of rich details. It's those seeking a challenge and is considered one of the best written, and graphically impressive, games ever made. 

Devil May Cry 3,NoobFeed,Dante's Awakening,

Capcom took the criticism of Devil May Cry 2 and improved on its sequel, Devil May Cry 3, in every way. Gone was the mediocre gameplay and lack of challenge instead, it was replaced with a robust combat system, difficult enemies, and an outstanding soundtrack. It may be difficult for you to get the original version of Devil May Cry 3 since it's the hardest version of the game, but the Special Edition is just as good. Plus it includes new boss battles and the ability to play as Vergil.

Ninja Gaiden,NoobFeed,Ninja Theory,

From the creators of Nioh comes Ninja Gaiden is still considered one of the most challenging franchises in video games. While the third game didn't deliver the 2004 prequel for the Xbox and sequel for the Xbox 360 are some of the hardest games to beat. With unique monsters and human enemies, the player must master several types of weapons and combat styles in order to survive the punishment of constant death. It's fast and chastises anyone foolish enough not to take each fight with serious intentions. If you beat these 2 games then you should try your luck on the NES versions, they show no mercy.

Dark Souls,NoobFeed,Demon Souls,Bloodbourne,

Perhaps the number 1 game Nioh has been compared to and heavily influenced the development the Dark Souls franchise has become synonymous with unforgiving difficulty. Whether you're playing Demons Souls, Bloodborne or the core Dark Souls franchise these games are all punishing adventures with some of the best boss battles to fight and worlds to explore. If you're willing to risk your sanity after dying over and over again in these games that require trial and error then try your luck in any one of these games. 

Super Meat Boy,NoobFeed,

Don't be fooled by its cartoony art style Super Meat Boy is hard. With hundreds of worlds to explore and only one hit means death this game is the definition of trial and error. The instant respawn system will get you back in the game before you can inhale but you'll probably be death before you can exhale. If you consider yourself a fan and an experienced platformer gamer then Super Meat Boy is the challenge you've been looking for.

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