No Straight Roads Coming to Xbox One and Switch

Nintendo Switch versions of No Straight Roads will include unique features

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 May 2020

No Straight Roads is officially coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, along with the PS4 and PC version, on the same day. With the rhythmic title launching this June 30th.

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The Switch version of the game will be developed along with NeoBards, who helped with Devil May Cry Triple Pack, Onimusha: Warlords and Resident Evil Resistance. The Switch version will also include exclusive features such as:

●      Exclusive Assist Mode – Partner up with an additional local player to take control of the Elliegator, a secret alligator assistant who can help players in battle by picking up items, transforming props and calling in useful bonuses.

●      3-Player Co-Op – Played in conjunction with the game’s co-op mode, Assist Mode lets up to three local players experience No Straight Roads’ music-based action together, only on Nintendo Switch.

●      Touchscreen Support – Use the Nintendo Switch system’s touchscreen to transform props and pick up items.

●      Single Nintendo Switch Joy-Con™ Controller Play – Play through the entire game using a single Joy-Con, or pass the second Joy-Con to a friend to play in couch co-op.

In an official press release Marketing Director at Sold Out, Sarah Hoeksma said:

“Fans have been asking for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions of No Straight Roads since day one, so we’re incredibly excited to bring the game to those platforms simultaneously with the PS4 and PC versions this June,” said Sarah Hoeksma, Marketing Director at Sold Out. “We can’t wait for players to embrace their inner rock star this summer with this musical adventure on their platform of choice.”

No Straight Roads is available to pre-order now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store and launches this June 30th.

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