Nintendo Files Lawsuits for Switch Hacking

Nintendo have filed two lawsuits In a move to fight back at hackers.

By JakeJeremy, Posted 18 May 2020

Nintendo of America recently filed two lawsuits in relation to Switch consoles being hacked. According to Polygon, the company are attempting to fight back against resellers who create and sell software to play pirated games on the console.

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The company described the software in the lawsuit as “an unauthorized operating system ... and accompanying piracy tools that install it.”

The first lawsuit was apparently filed on Friday at an Ohio Court. The suit has been filed against the alleged operator of site UberChips, and as of writing that site appears to be 'offline' due to 'scheduled maintenence.'

One of the kits that were being sold at UberChips to hack the Switch was listed at just $47.99. The site also sold products to hack the SNES Classic, Nintendo 3DS and Game Boy Advance.

Nintendo are looking for $2,500 per trafficking violation for each of the sold consoles. The company are also looking for a permanent injuction to stop operations of UberChips and a number of unlisted sites that are still utilizing the technology for sale.

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