Harry Potter RPG Leak Reveals Title, Potential Release Date and More

A currently unconfirmed rumor has surfaced concerning a Harry Potter RPG that is supposedly in the works, claiming to know the title and story elements of the game.

By Kiemour, Posted 08 Jun 2020

A Redditor claiming to work for Warner Bros. Marketing has recently shared what they know about the upcoming RPG of the wizarding world. Rumors and uncertainty have surrounded the game for a while, but this has been the most detailed leak, and its details are particularly promising.

According to the post, the game is titled "Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy," and is highly intended for those that grew up reading Harry Potter, players who are now mature adults. The game will reportedly lean towards darker themes and violence between characters, and therefore is not a child-friendly game. The story takes place after Harry's children have attended and graduated Hogwarts, and players are put in the shoes of a fifth year witch or wizard. This character will have a set last name that NPCs will refer to the player as, similar to the use of Shepard's name in Mass Effect. Although the character customization is not as detailed as other popular RPGs, the models still look good, the leak claims. 

Voldemort_Harry Fight

Based on the news that has been promised, the game will focus heavily on a unique story, which has the potential to be different for every play through. This claim is made due to the fact that players can supposedly choose their heritage (pure blood, half blood, or Muggleborn); this decision will offer unique in-game dialog and quest lines based on the player's upbringing. Additionally, players will be able to choose their Hogwarts house, as each house has a unique quest line. Regardless of the player's chosen house, it is impossible to side with the villain of the game, but this does not remove bad or rude decisions or dialogue options from the game. If users are not careful about their answers, important characters within the game may die. In addition, certain NPCs have romance options, and the player can marry someone to be their spouse in the endgame. Companions and followers are plentiful, and will help you in battle and on various quests.

Unique experiences such as Quidditch, House Points, and good/evil skill points have also been promised, granting players the ability to fully immerse themselves in the world of Hogwarts and make their own decisions. After reading through the leaks and hints of this upcoming game, "Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy" would best be described as the lovechild of Bethesda's well known RPG "Skyrim" and BioWare's "Knights of the Old Republic." This opinion is based off the open world exploration that "Skyrim" covers, combined with the Good/Evil points and story impacting dialogue options that KOTOR is best known for. Warner Bros. seems to be incorporating favorite aspects from a variety of games into their new installation, such as the nemesis system of WB's "Shadow of Mordor" series, and the post-Hogwarts Auror quests, which are supposedly based off "LA Noire" investigations.

Although much of this leak has yet to be confirmed by any official developers of the game, the Redditor promises a trailer and gameplay before August 2020, and the game is set for a release date in June 2021. So whether or not this information is true, fans will have to wait for an official set of details directly from trustworthy sources when they are announced. The promises made in the Redditor's leak are making fans very excited about the new game, but some are still reluctant to believe, so that their hopes are not let down if the rumors are false. As always in the gaming world, rumors may sometimes be just that, as many reports of a new Harry Potter RPG have been floating around the internet, even since 2018, so keep in mind that very little has been confirmed about this new game.

The Harry Potter RPG is set to release sometime in 2021, but no other specifics have been confirmed as of yet. The Reddit leak that revealed this rumor can be found here.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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