New World Teases Character Attributes

Amazon Games shows off progression in their upcoming MMO

By Fragnarok, Posted 10 Jun 2020

Amazon has been steadily making a mark on the game industry. After purchasing Twitch back in 2014, Amazon opened a game studio of their own. Amazon Games has already dived into the realm of racing games, shooters, and even a live version of Pac-Man. Another ambitious project is New World, a MMO that was showcased during E3 2019.

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Now, the New World developer blog has been updated with details about how character progression works. As players level up they will gain skills and attributes that they can improve upon to customize their character. First, Core Attributes cover typical RPG stats like strength, constitution, and intelligence which boost performance in battle. At low levels players can respec for free, but later on this will cost a small fee.

Weapon Mastery allows access to skills within weapon trees. Each weapon type has two skill trees, featuring lots of combat options players can spend points on. While it is possible to learn everything in a single skill tree, the developer warns that there won’t be enough points to master both trees simultaneously. Players should choose which attacks and passives they want carefully.

Last, Trade Skills allow players to improve their non-combat vocations. This includes gathering skills to acquire materials like wood, fur, meat, and metal. There is also refining that can turn raw materials into more practical applications, like a woodworker that cuts logs into lumber. Finally, full crafters turn refined material into useable items like weapons, potions, and meals.

New World was originally planned for release earlier this year, but launch was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Its current release date is now August 2020. 

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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