Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu is on Ninjala's Stream next week

The popular J-Pop Star Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu will be joining the Ninjala Devs next week for their first official live stream.

By IchikaRika, Posted 10 Jun 2020

GungHo Online recently released Ninjala Dev Diary #5 where they talked about the open beta and introduced two new weapons to the game which will be available on release. These are the Scroll Blade and the Drum Beat. These weapons come from the katana and the hammer archetype respectively and plays almost the same as the original weapon with slight changes to their abilities.


The Dev Diary also discussed which weapons and costumes were the most common during the open beta. With the most popular weapon being a tie between IPPON Katana and Drill Beast. For costume, the most common one was Neo-Shinobi Overalls.

At the end of the Dev Diary, the developers announced that more weapons would be introduced to the game and that they would have their first official livestream on June 17. This livestream aims to introduce more weapons that were not revealed as of the moment, discuss event information, and much more.

Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu will join their stream for a special reason yet to be revealed on the day itself and the devs will also have a Team Battle with Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu’s team. This stream is definitely something to look forward to.

The stream itself will be in Japanese but according to the devs, there will be an English Translator present on the stream.

Cedric Pabriga,
Junior Editor, NoobFeed

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