Final Fantasy 14 Heavensward Will Go Free To Play

The Final Fantasy 14 free trial will expand to level 60

By Fragnarok, Posted 22 Jul 2020

On Wednesday evening Japan time, Final Fantasy 14 producer Naoki Yoshida went live on the Final Fantasy 17 official Twitch channel to host the Letter from the Producer. In this 59th part of the ongoing series, Yoshida detailed updates to version 5.3 of the game and beyond. While the main focus was on the current Shadowbringers expansion, Yoshida also announced major news about the older Heavensward: the entire expansion will go free to play.

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Square Enix currently allows free accounts to play an unlimited time up to level 35. With this further update players will be able to obtain level 60, unlock jobs like Dark Knight and Machinist, and use the Au Ra. However, other trial restrictions will still apply, like limited chat options and use of the market board. Additionally, any content from Stormblood or Shadowbringers would remain locked, even if players are able to reach those associated areas.

They further noted that the Starter Edition of Final Fantasy 14 should also receive these updates.

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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