Halo Infinite Multiplayer Leaked As Free-to-Play With Battle Pass System

Halo Infinite going the route of Fortnite

By Grayshadow, Posted 31 Jul 2020

Free-to-play and battle passes seem to be the future. With more titles abandoning the traditional season pass route for seasonal DLC drops that include the option to purchase content for the upcoming weeks. Fortnite popularized this system before it was incorporated into other games such as PUBG and even Call of Duty. Now, it seems Microsoft is doing the same with Halo Infinite with a free-to-play multiplayer.

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In a now-removed image, Halo Infinite will likely have a free-to-play multiplayer, with 120 fps for Xbox Series X, battle pass system, and customization options. This does align with Microsoft's agenda to focus on exposing as many people to their games and recouping the cost through services and microtransactions. For example, Gears 5 was heavily monetized to the point it felt like a free-to-play game despite having a fully-featured campaign with a massively disappointing ending. This was likely to recoup cost since many gamers used Xbox Game Pass to play the premium title.

Currently, Microsoft has not confirmed this. As of now, we know that Halo Infinite will feature the return of the Brutes, a new faction called The Banish, a semi-open world, and a new Halo ring. With support being offered for years as Halo Infinite will be a live service title.

Halo Infinite is in development for Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X. It'll launch this holiday.

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