State Of Play August 2020 - PS4 Is Still Going Strong

Sony’s August showcase was focused on their soon to be last-gen console

By TKras98, Posted 06 Aug 2020

Today, Sony held their State of Play live stream for August 2020. State of Play, which is done in a similar fashion to the Nintendo Direct live streams, has become Sony’s go to way to show off new and upcoming content.

Crash Bandicoot with one of the four Quantum Masks

The show started off with content from Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. The stream discussed some of the story and gameplay elements that are coming into the game. Wallrunning, Rope Swinging, and Zip Lining are some new gameplay elements. One of the biggest announcements resolved around cosmetics. The game will feature a wide variety of skins for characters, none of which will be unlocked through microtransactions. They also highlighted the additional playable characters, ranging from Coco to the newly playable and fan favorite former villain Dingodile.

Another major announcement revolved around what they called “Mirror Mode,” this new way to play Crash revolves around giving each dimension a unique feel and unique playstyle, all inspired by their respective dimensions. Some dimensions are without color, requiring players to spin in order to paint the world, while others are given an overcranked film feel that speeds up the world around you. Once you beat a level, you’ll be able to unlock its Mirror Mode.

Hitman 3 was the second major game showcased on this State of Play, with a major new addition: PlayStation VR Mode. There was a brief gameplay trailer, which announced that the not just the newest title, but the entire World of Assassionation trilogy of Hitman titles will be playable in PSVR upon the launch of Hitman 3. That’s right, Hitman, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3 will all be playable in virtual reality on PSVR when Hitman 3 launches in early 2021. There was no clear indication if this will also be a feature for Hitman 3 on PC.

One game that got a lot of new gameplay footage is the upcoming PS5 title Pathless. Pathless puts players in control of the skillful Hunter, a powerful warrior with an equally powerful eagle companion. The Hunter must defeat cursed spirits to bring light back to the world and save it from annihilation in high octane and visually impressive boss battles. The massive open world is full of new and exciting things to discover, all of which can be done later this year when it launches on PS5.

A few games that got brief trailers included Genshin Impact, which came along with an Autumn 2020 release window, Aeon Must Die, and Anno Mutationen. Viewers were also treated to a new trailer for Control’s second expansion: Awe, coming out on August 27th. Another brief announcement was the upcoming release of Autochess on PS4.

The increasingly popular Bugsnax was also shown off. The game showed off a bunch of gameplay. One of the primary aspects was shown off was how players can go about catching the bug snax in a variety of unique traps. They also revealed a bit of the game’s storyline. Players will take control of a journalist, who is sent to the island to uncover the secrets that are hidden there. Upon arrival, it becomes the player’s job to reunite the island’s inhabitants.

Vader Immortal: Dueling with the Sith Lord himself

A major announcement was that Vader Immortal, the beloved VR series, is arriving soon on PlayStation VR. They showed off a new gameplay trailer, complete with all of the classic gameplay fans have come to adore from the series, packed into a new trailer for the game which arrives on August 25th.

In a surprise announcement, two new games were announced for the PS5. The first was a medieval action game, Hood: Outlaws and Legends. The game appears to feature multiplayer battles as well as PvE combat. The second major Ps5 announcement was Temtem. The Pokemon inspired mmo adventure was released on PC at the beginning of this year, and is now set to come to PS5 in 2021.

The show finished up a deep dive into some aspects surrounding Godfall, which you can read about here.

Tyler Krasnai
Editor, NoobFeed

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