Most Doom Sound Effects Were Royalty Free

Monsters consisted of cats, roller skates, and camels.

By Fragnarok, Posted 30 Aug 2020

Shooter focused YouTube channel Decino has been documenting the sound effect sources of the original Doom and its sequels. It turns out that Id Software sound designer Robert Prince highly relied on the stock sound libraries available from Sound Ideas. Prince didn’t simply rip the files, but adjusted pitch, distorted, combined, clipped, and layered the various effects. For example, the Mancubus is constructed from parts jaguar, pig, and slime. Even most of Doom Guy’s screams are from Sound Ideas, although Price did record some of his own voice and digitized it. Many of the multiplayer sounds are also original Id Software creations.

Doom|Id Software|Sound Ideas|Robert Price

Because Sound Ideas has been popular for over 40 years, “Doom” sounds can easily be heard in other games, films, and television shows. Most of the company’s sounds are captured live in natural environments, not in a studio or synthesized. Media that contains weapons, animals, and sci-fi elements are likely to give players that nostalgic feeling. 

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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