Summoners War World Arena Championship Set For Late-November

The best Summoners War players will compete for over $200,00

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Nov 2020

Summoners War is one of the biggest mobile games available and today the eSports competition, Summoners War World Arena Championship, will be held on November 21st.

8 gamers will compete with a $210,000 prize pool, with winners and runner's up chosen.

The Americas Cup was the first regional championship to take place on Saturday, Oct. 24. This was soon followed by the Asia Pacific Cup, which featured heated battles on Saturday, Oct. 31. These were flanked by the epic Europe Cup just a week later, on Saturday, Nov. 7. The winners and runners-up of the regional cups who are participating in the World Finals are as follows:


Americas Cup

?       JMAK

?       TROKAMOO


Asia-Pacific Cup

?       MR.CHUNG

?       CHARMI

?       GAIA


Asia-Pacific Cup


?       ROSITH




?       L’EST

The SWC World Finals, which have previously been hosted in stadiums in Paris, Los Angeles, and Seoul, Korea will instead be hosted in a virtual arena due to the pandemic. The competition will be streamed on Summoner War’s official YouTube and Twitch channels.

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