Today during The Game Awards 2020 Capcom revealed new footage for Monster Hunter Rise such as the Rampage events that threaten Kamura Village. In addition, a demo is set to release next year.

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The demo will release January 2021 for Switch for a limited time. In an official press release, Capcom confirmed new monsters coming to Monster Hunter Rise. The Bishaten uses powerful spin attacks with its sharp tail and the Somnacanth, an aquatic leviathan that can use sleep powder.

The trickster Bishaten arrives as a unique new threat with its distinctive tail and fondness for persimmons, which it stores in his stomach and hurls at its prey. Adding to its offensive arsenal, Bishaten is also equipped with multiple tail attack options and powerful spin moves that will require hunters to stay on their toes or risk getting swept off their feet. Also new to the line-up, Somnacanth is an intoxicating aquatic leviathan that can expel sleep powder to temporarily stun opponents, leaving them open for attacks.

The trailer also showed off the scaly leviathan called the Royal Ludroth and the poisonous birdlike monster the Great Worggi.

Monster Hunter Rise launches for Switch on March 26th.

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