Assassination Attempt At MiHoYo Offices Thwarted

An assailant was arrested following plans on attacking executives.

By Fragnarok, Posted 30 Apr 2021

Multiple reports have surfaced confirming that Shanghai police have arrested a man planning to murder the founders of MiHoYo, creators of Genshin Impact. According to statements, the suspect smuggled a knife into the MiHoYo Shanghai office, but was arrested before he could harm any employees or executives. The main targets appear to have been CEO Liu Wei and Chairman Cai Haoyu. The suspect has not be identified, but it is believed that his actions were prompted by a recent event in MiHoYo’s other major franchise, Honkai Impact 3rd.

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Earlier in April, the game celebrated the “GLB 3rd Anniversary Story” which included main characters in bunny suits and dance emotes. Many Chinese fans complained that these were inappropriate, out of character, and disrespectful to Chinese decency. MiHoYo subsequently removed these features and posted an apology on social media. While outrage on the internet is common, it is quite extreme to attack developers behind the games.

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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