Outriders Inventory Restoration On the Way

People at Fly attempting to restore people's lost inventory in Outriders

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 May 2021

Outriders launched with a myriad of issues and the developers are working hard at attempting to resolve the game's many issues. The latest being a massive bug that wiped inventories and People Can Fly believes they have a solution to the issue. WIth a solution to restore lost items to players being provided.


People Can Fly does explain that this doesn't mean everything will be restored. Only equipped items will be restored but it's still not guaranteed.

Group A Restoration:

All items, regardless of rarity, that were equipped at the time of your inventory wipe will be restored.

All legendary items that were in your inventory.

For non-Legendary items: 20 previously acquired items that were in your inventory, with first prioritization based on rarity (descending from Epic rarity) and second prioritization based on date acquired.

All fully completed Accolades will be restored if you previously reached the final tier of said Accolade.

Interim tiers and progress towards any tier of an Accolade cannot be recovered.

Please keep in mind that we may not able to restore every single lost item with 100% accuracy, but we are doing our best to make sure the most valuable items are accounted for.


If your inventory is already full, restored items will be held server side until there is space in your inventory and you have logged out and back in again.

Once we are happy with Group A restorations, we will trigger restorations for Group B. Group B players are those players who lost items but were able to continue playing.

For further details and group A/B explanations, please refer to this post.

Please note that if you are part of this Group A restoration, your non-affected characters may receive up to 20 Legendary items that they previously sold back in their inventory. These items will be god-rolled. These items can be freely sold, scrapped or used.

Outriders is now available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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