Metroid Dread Special Editions Being Sold for Over $200 by Scalpers

Retailers let the scalpers win

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Jun 2021

Recently pre-orders for Metroid Dread went live along with the amiibos. The amiibos were quickly purchased by scalpers selling them for twice the original price. Now the special editions have been sold out and being sold for over $200.

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You can find on eBay the listing for the special editions that come with a steelbook, art cards, and artbook. The original price is $90 but scalpers are selling pre-orders for over $200.

This just shows how poor retailers are performing in combating this increasingly more problematic issue. PS5s and Xbox Series consoles are still in short supply due to this problem but why should they care? They get the sale regardless which is why they refuse to modernize to prevent this from happening. 

Metroid Dread launches on Switch this October 8th.

Update: (6/15/2021 6:43 PM EST)

Target has sold out and suffering from the same issues.

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