Life is Strange True Colors Licensed Music Mute Option Does Not Work

Despite having an option to mute licensed music you can still be copyright claimed if you stream Life is Strange True Colors

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Sep 2021

Uploading gameplay content has become more problematic currently. YouTube and Twitch have aggressive copyright music protections that can flag gameplay and completely take the revenue from those videos. Twitch currently has no way to appeal these claims currently creating a huge problem for those streaming content whereas YouTube does but requires a great deal of time and effort to issue individual appeals for each. On top of it if a YouTube appeal is rejected the users will have to take it to court if they want to claim removed.

To combat this more developers are using muting options to help gamers stream but they're not 100% effective. Titles such as Far Cry New Dawn and Life is Strange True Colors have this option, muting any music that uses licensed songs. However, in my recent live stream of Life is Strange True Colors it seems this option is not 100%.

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On Twitch my content wasn't flagged but on YouTube, I was given over 5 claims. I played the game using the Mute License Music option, hampering the experience since profound moments that involved licensed music were completely hushed. Leading to awkward scenes of total silence. YouTube gives a 30 day period for the issuer to reject or remove the claim but it's always a risk for the user. Especially since claims can be issued at any time.

Now, this isn't on the developers, they created a game that fits their vision. Music has always played a vital role in the Life is Strange franchise but the system used by Twitch and YouTube will make more creators more hesitant on making content for these titles. The most extreme option is to use less licensed music but that would increase budgets and extend development time. However, the artist of that work can still claim that soundtrack even if it's commissioned by a publisher such as my Halo 4 ending video which was claimed by Neil Davidge and rejected my counterclaim. There are a large number of gamers who don't stream or create content who just want the best possible experience. This is a fair argument but since streaming games have become a huge industry an option to avoid these types of situations does need to be presented to avoid situations like this. Most of the issue does stem from YouTube and Twitch though.

Just be aware, if you plan to stream Life is Strange True Colors even if the mute option is turned on you can be claimed.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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