Destroy All Humans! 2 Remake Announced Ahead of THQ Nordic's Livestream

Looks like Sony made a mistake

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Sep 2021

Destroy All Humans! 2020 was a good remake of the original game and it seems that a new one is in development. With Sony seemingly accidentally leaking the news early.

Destroy All Humans 2! Remake,NoobFeed,

Not only did it come from Sony's official account but THQ Nordic has a special live stream set for this Friday. It's not clear if this is a remake of the original sequel or a brand new entry. The title is called Reprobed which could indicate a remake or a new entry.

Personally, I hope it's a new game. The first one was a terrific retelling of the original but an original take would be welcomed.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
Publisher(s): THQ Nordic
Developer(s): Black Forest Games
Genres: Action-Adventure
Themes: Science-Fiction
Release Date: 2020-07-28

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