Faerie Afterlight to hit Steam in Summer 2022

Platformer game Faerie Afterlight will take players to a realm unlike any other.

By SnowWhite, Posted 08 Apr 2022

Faerie Afterlight, a platformer from Indonesian developer Clay Game Studio, will be released on Steam later this summer by publisher Mastiff. Players take on the roles of Kimo and Wispy, two lone creatures from the depths of the ocean and a young fairy, respectively, as they journey across Lumina's melancholy landscape in search of the world's dwindling supply of light. The unusual duo journey through mysterious ruins and take on scary enemies. 

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A Metroidvania at heart, Faerie Afterlight has levels that require exploration and multiple visits. A beautiful, styled platformer with straightforward controls, a complex plot, and moving music that will take players to a realm unlike any other.

"Clay Game Studio has done the impossible and breathed life into the puzzle platformer,” says Bill Swartz, president and CEO of Mastiff. "Faerie Afterlight not only features a stunning, picturesque world filled with surreal moments but also pushes all the right gameplay buttons – from jumping mechanics to the ability to control enemies. The Clay Game Studio team is incredibly talented, dedicated, and a joy to work with. Having a stunner such as Faerie Afterlight as your first project together makes things even better.”

In Faerie Afterlight, players can play with Wispy's abilities to shift platforms and barriers around. Kimo, who acquires powers through collecting up bits of fallen enemies, can jump walls with Spider Legs and sprint with Beetle Horns. Players can fight or befriend their opponents when confronted. There are hidden doors, secret nooks, and concealed tunnels to explore in the realm of the myriad terrains of the game. For boosting health, players can find Lumina's merchants who supply a wide variety of products.

Faerie Afterlight will be available on Steam in the summer of 2022 and its price has not yet been set. You can wishlist the game on Steam and also check out this gameplay trailer.

Asura Kagawa (@AsuraKagawa)
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