Cute 'Em Up Action Game Cotton Fantasy Revealed A New Trailer

Cotton Fantasy is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on May 20th, as shown in a new teaser!

By SnowWhite, Posted 20 Apr 2022

Cotton Fantasy offers the entire revival of the franchise after the highly praised remaster Cotton Reboot! that pleased fans in 2021. There is only one month left for fans of this series to get their hands on this contemporary "Cute 'em up" shooter, as revealed in a new trailer.

Nintendo Life rated Cotton Fantasy as “Great 8/10”, especially praising the amount of content and variety on offer: “Cotton Fantasy brings so many different experiences in a single shmup that it may as well be a compilation release. Few shmups offer so many ways to play, nor deliver such an enchanting world quite so alive with personality”.

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Collectors may also get a limited edition boxed version through Strictly Limited Games or Gamesrocket. The Limited Version will arrive in May for the same price as the standard edition, but with alternate cover artwork and a game manual. A Collector's Edition featuring magical goodies, including the official Cotton Nendoroid, is also available. But this edition will ship later.

In Cotton Fantasy, the Fairy Queen entrusts Silk with the problem of the missing willows in Fairyland and the players need to find who is behind this clever ruse? For a lifelong supply of delectable willows, Nata de Cotton, the tiny witch, is ready to join her old buddy on another expedition to preserve Fairyland.

30 years after the Cotton series began, Cotton Fantasy is a fascinating journey with tons of features. Cotton Fantasy has new shoot 'em up with HD visuals. Each character has unique mechanics and attacks, including guest characters like Umihara Kawase (from the same series) and Luffee (Doki Doki Poyacchio). The game offers an easy-to-learn Shoot 'em up mechanism with enough complexity for the experience. There are 16 levels to unlock, including vertical, horizontal, and 3D movement.

Fun and adorable sequences in Cotton Fantas are totally spoken in Japanese while subtitles in other languages are available, including an exhilarating remastered soundtrack with classic game tunes. Fans of the Cotton series can pre-order Cotton Fantasy from many local shops for $39.99.

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Platform(s): Switch
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