Dead by Daylight Celebrates 6th Anniversary... With a Dating Sim?

Behaviour Interactive also reveal crossovers with Attack on Titan and Resident Evil.

By AlexJohn, Posted 19 May 2022

To celebrate the 6th anniversary of Dead By Daylight, developers Behaviour Interactive hosted a special broadcast.  Fans of the 1v4 asymmetric horror game are in for a treat as a new chapter, killer, spin-off game, and crossovers were announced.

Chapter 24, which begins on June 7th, is titled Roots of Dread and adds a new Killer to Dead By Daylight’s roster. Creative Director Dave Richard describes The Dredge as a monster with “impossible biology” inspired by the Boogeyman that can teleport through lockers and is the “physical representation of the darkness of” the unnamed town where the new map The Garden of Joy is set.

The Dredge, Dead By Daylight, Behaviour Interactive

Hooked On You was probably the weirdest announcement of the presentation, a brightly colored dating simulator from the makers of the KFC game I Love You, Colonel Sanders! Psyop has been brought in to develop what Head of Partnerships Mathieu Côté freely admits is “an absurd concept”. Hooked On You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim’s four love interests are The Trapper, The Huntress, The Wraith, and The Spirit. The idea spawned from a community survey done last year by Behaviour Interactive in which the developers learned just how “thirsty” their community is. With this game Behaviour Interactive aim to explore “more background and more stories” featuring the characters of Dead By Daylight.

Back to the main game and Project Manager Rose Li, Associate Producer Jo-Ashley Roberts and Art Director Xavier Elchepare revealed a collaboration with the anime series Attack on Titan. Unlike Call of Duty, a collaboration between these two franchises makes sense. Fans of the series may be disappointed to learn that the collaboration is limited to cosmetic items only rather than new playable characters, with Elchepare describing cosplay as an inspiration behind the ten new costumes.

Attack On Titan, Armored Titan, Dead By Daylight, Behaviour Interactive, Concept Art

Another crossover coming to Dead By Daylight is the game’s second collaboration with the iconic survival horror series Resident Evil. Last year’s 5th anniversary saw fan-favorite heroes Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy join the Survivors; Resident Evil 3 villain Nemesis the Killers; and a Resident Evil 2: Remake styled Racoon City Police Department map added to the game. The presentation closed on a Resident Evil teaser and gave fans lots to ponder on. It showed a woman being attacked by a very long tongue; perhaps hinting at Resident Evil 2’s Lickers and, similarly, the name of the crossover is Project W, which might be a reference to the series’ antagonist Albert Wesker.

Chapter 24 begins on 7th June, however, Dead By Daylight’s 6th-anniversary celebrations kick off with the Twisted Masquerade in-game event on June 16th.

Alex Johnson
News Editor, NoobFeed

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