Core Keeper Digs its First DLC The Sunken Sea

The Sunken Sea, a new content update for Core Keeper, will go live on June 15.

By SnowWhite, Posted 13 Jun 2022

Get ready to set sail and explore new regions in Core Keeper's new 'The Sunken Sea' DLC update, which will be released on Wednesday, June 15, for the popular 1-8 player mining sandbox adventure.

'The Sunken Sea', a free update for all Core Keeper users, introduces a new water-based biome with enormous, enigmatic bodies of water and islands to discover. On your quest to battle Omoroth the Sea Titan, a brand-new titan monster lurking under the ocean waves, players need to go to the waters in boats to locate the colorful new resource Octarine.

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In the DLC, players will come across a new sub-boss, Morpha the Aquatic Mass, and a variety of aquatic adversaries as they explore several new places. The Octarine Armor and the Bubble Gun, a new bubble-blowing ranged weapon, have been added to the explorer's arsenal of weapons and armor.

Additional base-building elements are also being added, such as sprinklers that can irrigate crops automatically and portals that can instantaneously travel between various sections of their planets. Also, new workbenches can be used to make multiple products, such as a Fishing Bait Workbench and Jewellery Workbench. The update will also bring a slew of contemporary conveniences and changes to how the game plays.

As CEO & Animator at Pugstorm quotes - "Sven Thole has put in a lot of time and effort to provide Core Keeper players a wide variety of new content in The Sunken Sea update. We are delighted for players to experience all The Sunken Sea has to offer when it launches later this week, the developers said. We are listening intently to recommendations and criticism from our community."

Sandbox mining adventure Core Keeper is for 1-8 players and takes place in an old cavern filled with monsters, riches, and other memorabilia. Players must gather relics and materials to construct their base, create new weapons, and ensure survival. To understand the ancient core's mystery, they must fight gigantic creatures, uncover secrets, produce crops, go fishing, make new dishes, and explore a randomly generated subterranean area.

Core Keeper has been Fireshine Games' fastest-selling digital game of all time, with approximately 1 million players having begun their subterranean journey since its March premiere on Steam Early Access. A Steam Deck version of the game is also available for those who like their mining adventures on the go.

Core Keeper is currently available on PC via Steam Early Access. Check our Core Keeper Early Access PC Preview.

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