League of Legends and 13DE MARZO Collaboration Announced

13DE MARZO and League of Legends have just announced that they will be working together.

By Rayan, Posted 23 Jul 2022

League of Legends and 13DE MARZO are going to debut a co-branded collection called "Guardians of the Stars" in September of 2022. This collection will provide a more diverse vitality to the realm of pop culture.

13 DE MARZO is a fashion company that has, ever since it was founded, endeavored to explore new worlds via the creation of one-of-a-kind goods and through partnerships. They have planned to release several skins, which are already quite popular among younger gamers, to provide fans of youth culture with a more unique and varied fashion experience. This will be accomplished by skillfully fusing aspects of fashion design and the gameplay together.

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The new artwork of the League of Legends heroes, including Beaver, Akali, Khalsa, Seraphine, and Zoe, served as the inspiration for the "Guardians of the Stars" collection that 13DE MARZO created in collaboration with League of Legends. The characteristic qualities of the heroes, like their color schemes and emblems, are used to merge them with traditional shapes. The collection also has a fresh color palette that complements the special bear and rabbit dolls designed by 13DE MARZO.

Keep an eye out for the "Guardians of the Stars" physical collection that 13DE MARZO will be releasing in collaboration with League of Legends at the beginning of September!

Azfar Rayan (@AzfarRayan)
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